Who Is Matthew Davis’ Wife, Kiley Casciano? A Comprehensive Bio

By Amit | Published on: March 2, 2024 | Updated on: March 2, 2024
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Kiley Casciano is the wife of Mathew Davis who is known for his roles as Warner Huntington III in Legally Blonde, Adam Hillman on the ABC comedy-drama What About Brian. Davis is also famous for portraying Alaric Saltzman on The CW fantasy drama The Vampire Diaries.

Individually, Davis’ wife, Kylie Casciano is a former model turned actress who has appeared in several films.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the career and personal life of Kylie Casciano including her near-fatal accident that gave her lifetime repercussions.

Kiley Casciano’s Early Life

Kiley Casciano was born on October 4, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2021, Casciano is 29 years old.

She has two sisters, Nancy Casciano, a ballet dancer, and Leah Casciano, a certified fitness & nutrition specialist. The 29-year-old actress also has a brother named Matt Casciano.

Kylie Casciano
Kiley Casciano. Source: Instagram

Kiley studied at Grayson High School in Loganville, Georgia.

Kiley Casciano’s Career

Casciano started her acting career in 2016, appearing in an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. After her role in 24: Legacy, she appeared in an episode of Ozark.

Kiley also had a role in 2021 Chris McKay’s military science fiction action film, The Tomorrow War. The actress has starred in Hulu’s Claws where she portrayed the role of Leila.

She appeared in Netflix’s Nappily Ever After as Alison as well as in director Jeff Thelen’s Stark Raving Naked.

In addition, Casciano taught yoga classes, which was after her accident in 2017(more down below).

Kiley Casciano’s Married Life

Kiley and Mathew Davis tied the knot on December 23, 2018, just a few hours after he proposed to her in an organic food market.

The wedding took place on Sunday with Davis wearing a pale gray knit sweater and the bride, Casciano in a sleeveless white top created by Enze Apparel. The venue was the Albertson Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles.

Kiley Casciano with her husband, Mathew Davis
Kiley Casciano with her husband, Mathew Davis. Source: Instagram

Additionally, the rings, which entailed a rainbow moonstone for the bride, came from the jewelry brand Made In Earth.

As for the wedding rings, the bridegroom wore a beaten gold band while the bride sported a large clear stone set on a rope band. It was from an Australian brand MADE IN EARTH.

Davis further revealed that he had an unconventional piece of clothing on during the ceremony: socks with Bill Murray’s face on them. Kiley and Davis then celebrated their newlyweds status on Monday with a Christmas Eve oyster lunch and a walk on the beach together.

Together, Kiley and Davis are parents to Ripley Nightingale Davis, born March 31, 2020. They live in East Los Angeles, California. Before Kiley, Davis allegedly had flings with Afghan-American actor, Azita Ghanizada and Miss Georgia USA Brittany Sharp.

She Had A Car Accident

In April 2017, Casciano was on her way home from her going-away party when she crashed into another car on I-20 West just east of the Downtown Connector.

Atlanta police stated the driver of a Hyundai Elantra was going west when he struck a Nissan Murano SUV from behind, causing it to spin out onto the shoulder.

The rider of the Elantra went to check on the Murano. He returned to his car after which Kiley’s car hit him, followed by a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, said the police.

Further, officials reported the victim was outside the vehicle at the time of the crashes. The victim met his demise and the medic pronounced him dead at the scene. Shortly after, Grady Memorial Hospital started treating the injured Kiley.

Kylie Casciano
Kylie Casciano. Source: Instagram

Her family said she suffered a laceration of her brachiocephalic artery, renal laceration, trauma and fracturing of the sternum, laceration of the spleen, and laceration of the liver. The injuries were serious and life-threatening.

Kiley’s injuries caused her to bleed internally. The first days of her 11-day stay at Grady Memorial Hospital were a time of sustained pain and fear.

A few days later, she also had a TIA, known as a “mini-stroke”. Her lacerated brachial artery created a blood clot that required surgery.

Luckily, she didn’t lose any motor skills on the left side of her body. However, she came under the risk of noticing weaknesses in that area for the rest of her life.

She Did A Topless Scene In Ozark

Ozark’s season two saw the Byrde family back in Missouri as they came up with a plan to get them out of trouble with the cartel.

The Byrdes formulate a plan to build a casino but needed to push through legislation that would allow them to go ahead with the idea.

Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) is up for the task. She uses her lobbying skills to win over enough senators who would vote to pass the bill.