Who Is John Elway First Wife Janet Elway: Her Net Worth, Career, Husband

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Janet Elway, born Janet Buchan, is famous for her marriage to John Elway. John Elway is an American professional football executive. The former Denver Broncos player is one of the finest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Because of his stellar athletic ability, they added John to the Broncos Hall of fame.

Janet also has the spirit of the athlete in her. She was an amazing swimmer in her college days. She represented Stanford University in various competitions. The marriage with legend John Elway brought her under vast public scrutiny. But she is not without a shine of her own.

However, Janet leads a low-key life. She tries to stay under the radar of popular media. So, now let’s explore the life of John Elway’s ex-wife and unravel some hidden secrets.

Who is Janet Elway? How old is she?

Janet Buchan was born on 17th February 1961. She was born into an American family in Washington. Janet grew up in the Seattle region of the United States.

She belongs to the white ethnicity and holds American citizenship. We know very few details about her life in the early days. She has not disclosed anything about her parents.

Janet Elway, Ex-wife of John Elway.

Similar to her athlete husband, she was also a world-class swimmer back in the day.

Janet has blond hair. Her eyes are black. She weighs about 98 Kg. Her height is 6ft 3 inches.

Early Education and Stanford University

Elway attended Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma. Then she enrolled at Stanford University. She was a student of sociology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1983.

Janet joined the swimming club during her college days. She was quite a natural athlete and represented the university in many sports events. It was during these days that she met John. The relationship started soon after.

Janet Elway: Achievements in Sports

Janet was a champion swimmer. She started swimming in her junior high school days. Janet even broke an American record in the short-course 400 meters in an individual medley. She got a full scholarship from Stanford University because of her athletic capability. She won a gold medal in 400m IM (IM is one of the most challenging swimming events of all).

Janet led her team to win a collegiate national championship meet in Las Vegas. For a freshman, she performed really well. Her points were highest throughout the entire meet. And she also set a national record.

She had set her sights on the 1980 Olympic trials but she could not compete as President Jimmy Carter boycotted the Moscow Olympics because of Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan. Olympics out of her way for good, she still had not lost hope.

Her career somehow ended after she suffered from a shoulder injury due to arm rotations from all those years. Janet had to undergo surgery. She couldn’t recover from that so, she let go of her athletic aspirations for good.

They inducted Janet into the hall of fame in Tacoma-Pierce County Sports and Pacific Northwest swimming in 2005.

Janet Elway married John Elway in 1984

Janet and John met each other in 1983. It was about the time Janet was graduating from her college. At the time, she focused on her academics due to the fact that her swimming career was over due to a shoulder injury.

Janet John Elway Wedding
Janet and John Elway in their marriage ceremony.

Besides, after meeting the duo started dating. Around a year after they started dating, they were engaged. The couple exchanged vows in 1984.

John joined the NFL the same year in 1984. The newlywed couple then moved to Denver. John soon became a legend and a hot topic in the media. This led to constant attention from the media in his personal life.

Janet Elway is a proud mom of four children

Within a span of six years, Janet gave birth to four children; two sons and two daughters.

The oldest daughter, Jessica Elway, was born in October 1985, Jordan in June 1987, Jack in August 1989, and Julianna in March 1991.

Janet and John raised their children with utmost care. Though taking care of her kids and being the wife of such a popular man was certainly stressful, she faced it all with unfaltering dedication. She was a very devoted mother and wife.

Her son, Jack, was charged with domestic abuse.

Janet’s son Jack got arrested in 2014. Jack’s girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse. Allegedly, they got into a verbal argument, and Jack resorted to physical violence.

Jack’s father, John Elway, bailed him out of jail for $550.

Divorce with John Elway

After being married for 18 years together, the couple separated in 2002. They finalized the divorce in 2003. It was one of the toughest times of Janet’s life.

As for the reason behind the divorce, well, they cited the constant busyness of John’s career as the reason for divorce.

Life after Divorce Now: She married again but who is her new husband?

After the divorce, Janet took her time to assess her life and decided what she was going to do. She also got into spirituality as she wanted to get closer to god. So, Janet also serves as a Young Life hostess and is a devout Christian.

Talking about her In 2011, Janet got engaged to a man named Kevin Kretzmar. Her second hubby, Kevin works as a financial advisor. He is the branch manager of Summit Brokerage Services and president of Centennial-based, Safe money. They were in a relationship for about a year before tying the knot.

Janet Elway new husband
Janet Elway with her current husband Kevin Kretzmar.

They are living together happily. The couples are frequent in community events.

Janet Elway wiki
Janet during an event.

Janet is a dedicated philanthropist. She works for various charities and fundraisers. She has opened her own fundraiser named Janet’s Camp. It sponsors underprivileged children to attend YMCA summer camps in Colorado.

Janet Elway Net Worth

Janet Elway has a net worth of about$1 million. She received a tremendous amount of money from her divorce settlement with John.

Janet also got a beautiful house for the divorce settlement. It is a massive house, built-in 17,000 square feet of land. She started various philanthropic works in the backyard of this house.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband John has a fortune of $145 million.

Is Janet Elway on any social media?

No, Janet does not use any popular social media. She is not active on any popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She likes to maintain a safe distance from the media.