Who is Doja Cat Mother Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer? All The Details About Her

By Aaron Hernandez | Published on: March 16, 2024 | Updated on: March 19, 2024
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Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a painter who is recognized in the media as the mother of the singer and rapper Doja Cat. Her daughter Doja became an international star after came with her song ‘Mooo!’ in 2018.

Besides, Deborah’s love life is also equally fascinating. She had a daughter with her now ex-partner Dumisani Dlamini, a South African actor who rose to fame with his debut role in the drama, Sarafina! Well, is Sawyer still together with Dlamini? Did they ever get married?

Here are all the answers to your questions about Doja Cat’s mom Deborah. let’s begin.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is Famous as Doja Cat’s Mother: Her Painting Works

Deborah is the mother of a successful singer and rapper Doja Cat. Sawyer is from a Jewish family.

Well, Doja once talked about her mother, said that her mom is from an artistic family who worked as a painter and is also a music lover. She stated,

“My mom was a painter and loves to sing behind closed doors. My father is a South African actor who danced in broadway musicals for Lion King. I took a little bit of everything from both of them.”

The singer has also given credit to her mom and grandmother for having such artistic capabilities. She said, “It’s definitely genetic.” She added,

“My mom paints and my grandma paints. They’re so, so good. My grandma actually opened a gallery and sold paintings.”

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini's daughter Doja Cat
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini’s daughter Doja Cat

On the other hand, Deborah’s ex-husband Dumisani, Doja’s father, is an actor from Durban, the third-most populous city in South Africa.

Born in the Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, Doja soon after her birth moved to New York City. There, the family lived for five years before they moved back to California, Oak Park. It was where the girl started taking ballet and tap lessons. She used to dance in crews and also competed in many programs in Los Angeles. She quit high school in 11th grade to pursue her music career.

What is Sawyer doing now? Her Career

Deborah is a Jewish-American painter. In an interview with DJ Vlad in May 2020, Doja told that her mom Deborah is now designing clothing for men.

But, the menswear designer didn’t talk much about her professional life.

Deborah Was The One Who Inspired Her Daughter Doja

In the abovementioned interview, Doja also revealed that her mother played a major role in her early music inspiration. In another interview with the rapper and actor Dumbfoundead, Dija told that her momwas kinda a hip-hop head.”

The rapper said,

“really ironic because like — I’m Jewish, my grandma’s Jewish, she’s white, and she was never exposed to music like that until she started meeting people and was like, wow I really love this.”

Cat continued,

“Once she had me, she would play a lot of Erykah Badu, a lot of Fugees, and Jamiroquai and Seal, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, a lot of stuff like that…”

How Did She Meet Dumisani?

Deborah now ex-partner Dumisani Dlamini told TshisaLive that he met Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer during his U.S. tour in the ’90s. After meeting for the first time, the couple subsequently began dating and was in a long-term relationship. But it is yet to be confirmed if the two ever got married or not.

Dumisani also said that the couple has another daughter too. However, they never revealed the identity of their child to the public.

Are Deborah and her partner Dlamini still together? He left the United States after 15 years

The couple’s relationship hit the rocks when their daughter Doja was a child. Her father Dlamini explained how he felt homesick after over 15 years in the states. Soon the actor decided to come back to his home country of South Africa with his whole family.

However, his decision to go back to his country didn’t bode well with the family. Subsequently, due to conflicting life decisions, her parents decided to go their separate ways. Doja and her sister were later raised by their single mother.

Her Daughter Doja has a healthy Relationship with Father

Although Doja’s father abandoned the family very early, Doja still maintains a close relationship with her dad. She told The Fader magazine, I don’t hold grudges against him or anything in any way.”  

Dumisani also praises his daughter’s success, often commenting on her Instagram post. The actor said he is proud to be her father,

“Beautiful girl (who goes by) the name Doja Cat, she’s singing with Nicki Minaj. If you google you will see, it’s D. O. J. A. C. A. T, she’s one of the best singers now in America. That’s my daughter.” 

A little about Deborah’s ex-partner Dumisani Dlamini?

Dumisani Dlamini is an actor and producer. He grabbed attention with his debut role in the 1992 musical drama movie Sarafina!. He then worked on projects like Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday, Stander, and Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's ex-partner Dumisani Dlamini
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s ex-partner Dumisani Dlamini

In 2008, Dlamini worked as an associate producer in the documentary Of Journey, Home, and Treasure. The same year, he joined the cast of The Seven of Daran: Battle of Pareo Rock and Entabeni. Moreover, he played Kong in the TV series iNumber Number in 2017.

Elizabeth’s Daughter Doja Cat is a successful singer

Doja Cat is a successful artist who released her debut studio album, Amala in March 2018. The album also featured two hit singles Tia Tamera and Juicy.

She came with her second studio album Hot Pink in 2019. It debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Her single Say So from the album also gained wide popularity topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


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The singer has released a number of hit singles including Rules which came on the market in October 2019. She touts singer D’Angelo and Barbadian artist Rihanna as her role model.

Where is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer now?

Deborah has kept every detail of her life totally out of the media. She never came out publically and is also inactive on social media platforms. Therefore, it is hard to confirm where she lives and more about her current lifestyle.

Net Worth

Due to a lack of valid information, her exact net worth is not known. On the other side, her daughter Doja’s net worth stands at $4 million as of 2022. She makes fortune through her music career solely.