Who Is Christa Podsedly? Marital Relationship With Husband Scott Steiner & Kids

By Aaron Hernandez | Published on: March 15, 2024 | Updated on: March 15, 2024
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Christa Podsedly is the wife of American professional wrestler Scott Steiner. Married to Scott since 2000, Christa has decent recognization in the media. Besides, she is also a mother of two with his husband, and a family of four leads a decent life together.

But how did the romantic relationship of Christa and her wrestler-husband Scott begin? Well, since their first meeting, their bonding has become better every day.

Here is a comprehensive account of her career, marriage, children, and many other interesting details.

Christa Podsedly Wiki: Born to American Parents

The celebrity wife Christa Podsedly was born in Fairport, New York, to father David Aloys Podsedly and mother Susan M.Podsedly.

Born in an ordinary family, she had a very normal upbringing and spent a major portion of her life in her hometown.

Talking about her nationality, she is American and white in terms of nationality.

Christa Podsedly Husband: Married Scott Steiner in 2000

Crista is primarily known for her marriage with celebrity-husband Scott Steiner. They got married on June 7, 2000. With over 20 years into marriage, the couple is still going strong and there are no reports of any conflicts whatsoever in their relationship.

Christa Podsedly married husband Scott Steiner in 2000
Christa Podsedly married husband Scott Steiner in 2000

Rather, the two enjoy spending time together. They were also seen together at their nephew’s wedding, and they looked as adorable as any couple.

Podsedly Has Two Kids

Moreover, from their relationship, the lovely couple is also the parents of two children, Brock and Brandon. The beautiful family of four currently resides in Detroit.

Christa Podsedly Has Two Children With Her Husband
Christa Podsedly Has Two Children With Her Husband

Bot their kids are quite close to both the parents, and they share quite a beautiful relationship.

She Met Her Spouse Scott At a Gym

Podsedly and Steiner’s relationship has survived over two decades. While the reason behind their beautiful relationship could be a special bonding and the understanding they have together. But their first meeting was as normal as for any other couple.

Well, the duo met for the first time at a gym. The first meeting soon turned into friendship which transformed into a marriage. They reportedly dated for quite a while before they finally decided to tie the knot.

Her Husband Is a Succesful American Wrestler

As we have already mentioned above, Christa is married to a wrestler. In fact, her beu Scott is one of the few successful wrestlers who has achieved a lot in life.

Scott is currently signed to National Wrestling Alliance but is mostly recognized for his accomplishments in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

With a decades-long career in wrestling, Scott has wrestled for Crockett Promotions (JCP), World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/WWE), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, later Impact Wrestling) with equal success in each of them.

In fact, he is a three-time world champion in wrestling; a one-time WWA World Heavyweight Champion, one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion as well.

Christa Podsedly Net Worth: She Is a Wealthy Wife

While there are no details about Christa’s net worth, but she is definitely a wealthy wife. Her husband reportedly has a net worth estimated at $1 million as of 2020, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Needless to mention, he makes most of his money from wrestling and all his achievements inside the ring.