Who Is Alexandra Mary Hirschi? Here Are Some Untold Facts About Her

By Aaron Hernandez | Published on: March 17, 2024 | Updated on: March 18, 2024
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Alexandra Mary Hirschi aka “Supercar Blondie” is considered one of the most popular female influencers in the automobile world. She has a huge fan following on several major social media platforms.

Developing a strong passion for cars from an early age, the lady has driven numerous world’s exotic supercars including BMW i8, Lamborghini, and more. She initially worked for radio stations before making her way to the automotive industry.

In addition, the social media star also maintained a pretty successful married life with her car enthusiast husband for years. Let’s find out several interesting facts that you didn’t know about Alexandra including her rapidly grown net worth!

Alexandra Mary Hirschi Had an interest in Supercars early on: Parents influenced Her liking of supercars

Alexandra who is better known as Supercar Blondie was born on 21st September 1985, in Brisbane, Australia. She always had a passion for cars and once revealed in an interview that her parents’ interest in supercars kinda influenced her as well. She stated,

I’m not sure why that is [the passion for cars], but I think it comes down to two things – coming from a driving culture, and having parents who love to drive.

Hirschi used to spend a lot of time with cars which directly shaped her interest growing up. She also has a sister named Kate.

Her Education: Studied Journalism and Worked at Radio Station

Alexandra Hirschi attended the Queensland University of Technology to study Journalism and Business. She made her move to Dubai in 2008 after landing a job as a newsreader and presenter on Dubai Eye 103.8, a radio talk show.

Alexandra Mary Hirschi As a Radio Host
Alexandra Mary Hirschi As a Radio Host.

During her time at the station, she took interviews with several A-list celebrities including John Travolta and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Her First Car was a Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer was the first car Supercar Blondie ever owned. She has a lot of memories with the car including some crazy street trips in Queensland before she made her move to Dubai and drove lots of supercars.

Alexandra Appearance on Top Gear

While the production crew of Top Gear was in Dubai in mid-2019, Alex also got the chance to appear on the popular British car show, Top Gear along with The Stig.

Supercar Blondie with The Stig
Supercar Blondie with The Stig

Bought a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 after selling a BMW i8

Hirschi previously owned a BMW i8, probably the first supercar she ever bought. She posted a number of photos and videos of the car as she drove it around in the streets of Dubai.

Alex later sold it and went on to buy Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. Alex named the car Lucy and it also appeared in a number of her vlogs. She also listed the vehicle for sale in early 2019.

Her Facebook page was named the 2018 fastest-growing auto page

Alexandra’s Facebook fan followers widely increased in 2018, especially after the Valentine’s Day video she posted on the Facebook page which went viral, raking in millions of views. The clip also played a major role in making her social media profile global.

Alex, initially, didn’t have any plans to become a social media influencer. It all started after she once rented a Bentley to drive for a few days and started sharing pictures and videos with the car.

Alex Hirschi Became the Most Influential Women in the Arab World in 2018

Hirschi was named as one of the “50 Most Influential Women in the Arab World” in March 2018. Her great impact on the social media world also brought her the nomination for Top 30 most influential women in the Arab world in 2019.

Is an Author for Esquire Magazine

Supercar Blondie currently serves as a writer for Esquire Magazine Middle East which also named her Influencer of the Year 2018. Furthermore, in 2019, Broadcasting and Cable announced Blondie will be the host of the show Cars Crews with Supercar Blondie.

Social Media: Youtube and Instagram

Alexandra has earned a mega fan following on her social media accounts for reviewing the world’s coolest cars. She has over 9.1 followers on her Supercar Blondie Instagram account as of 2022. On the other hand, she also has 159k followers on her Alex Hirschi account.

On the other hand, Blondie has amassed 6.64 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube Channel. The videos mostly feature her test runs. One of her most-viewed videos is Underwater Shark Jet Ski | Seabreacher which has amassed over five million views to date.

Here is the clip,

How Much is Alex Hirschi Net Worth? Husband gifted Her a Ferrari

Alex Hirschi has collected a good amount of net worth from her social media career. Her net worth is $7 million, as of 2022.

Sources say Blondie earns $2 million yearly from several major endeavors. She can also command $45,175 per sponsored post on Instagram. She used to get paid $70,000 a year as a radio presenter.

The Instagrammer often shares stunning photos with several exotic cars including McLaren 720 ($499,000), Flying Spur ($390,000), and Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge ($608,000).

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2018, Supercar’s husband Nik Hirschi gifted his motorhead wife a $470,000 Ferrari 488 Spider. The car was decorated with red, white, and pink roses as well as pink and red balloons by a team of florists.

In June 2019, Blondie was seen experiencing a Quad bike ride in Dubai.


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Supercar Blondie and Her hubby Nik Hirschi are together since the early 2000s

Blondie has been leading a blissful married life with her manager cum husband Nik Hirschi for several years. The couple started dating in the early 2000s. They both are also the University of Queensland graduates.

When Nik started his career in finance, his wife Supercar was still studying journalism at the Queensland University of Technology. The couple dated for some years before getting married.

On 25th Jan 2019, the social media influencer celebrated their 16-year of togetherness on Instagram. She wrote in the photo, “Our anniversary! 16 years later, crazier than ever. Love you ❤️ @nikcars.”

Supercar Blondie and her hubby Nik Hirschi
Supercar Blondie and her hubby Nik Hirschi.

Blondie has posted many other loving photos of the duo on social media. The couple has also visited numerous world-famous places. In late 2019, they went to places like Bologna, Turin, Jerez, London, Munich, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Do They Have Any Children?

The two are together for several years now but have yet to have any children. The couple neither has shared any plan to have kids.

Who is Supercar Blondie’s Husband?

Nik Hirschi is a managing partner at Supercar Blondie. He previously held several high positions in the banking sector. Nik initially worked at Valiant Bank AG in August 2001. He became part of the company for nearly four-year before joining Standard Chartered Bank for his Summer internship in July 2007.

He spent a couple of years working at Barclays Wealth (2008-10). In August 2011, Nik was named the senior account manager of Bloomberg. He later also worked as a head of sales & executive board director for SGDA and as a business development manager for Misys.

Hirschi before joining his wife Supercar also spent one and a half years at Thomson Reuters.

Alexandra Mary Hirsch is a dog lover

Alex is a dog lover and has several puppies. Sadly, one of her pooches passed away in 2019.

She adopted dogs Mugi and Pepito in 2020 and often shares cute photos with her dogs on social media.