What Happened to Ashley Lovelace? Her Rise To Stardom

By Ray | Published on: March 8, 2024 | Updated on: March 8, 2024
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Ashley Lovelace was an American social media personality who rose to fame as an Instagram influencer. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lovelace’s aspiration was always to explore the showbiz world. She was particularly interested in singing and fashion.

Ashley had gained huge fame in her short career as a social media influencer, however, she left the world too soon. She was just 16 when she passed away in January 2019. Well, what really happened to her? What killed Ashley Lovelace?

In today’s section, we are discussing Ashley Lovelace’s death in particular. Besides that, we will also have a closer look at her early life, her parents, and more.

Her Early Life Details-Parents and Siblings

Ashley was born Ashley Monet Lovelace on November 7, 2002, in Abington, Pennsylvania. Her father is Terrance Lovelace and her mother is Stacey Pak. She spent the first five years of her childhood in Philadelphia before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada along with her parents.

The late Instagram star has four siblings, three older brothers, Yunte, Yusef, and Keyan, and one younger sister, Mya. Besides, Lovelace also had two step-siblings; one older step-sister, Tylisha, and one older step-brother, Amir.

As for her education, she studied at Sierra Vista High School supposedly based in LA.

Following her death, her mother also set up a GoFundMe account to build Ashley’s legacy. As per the report, Stacey is working on building the Ashley Lovelace Foundation.

Who was Ashley Lovelace? Her Rise to Stardom

Born in the internet era, it was easier for Ashley to pursue her dream to make a career in showbiz. Like every other kid, she became a fan of social media and soon she started sharing her fashion-related photos on Instagram. One can say, having been brought up in the entertainment capital of the world, LA, Ashely was heavily influenced by the showbiz world.

Besides, she began her career by started speaking of various brands and products she was interested in. Meanwhile, Ashley developed an interest in singing from an early age, so when she started on Instagram, she also showcased her singing skills. She quickly gained followers on Instagram which hit the hundred thousand mark soon and took no time to cross the milestone of 550k followers.

Since it is more than two years since her passing, Ashley’s Instagram account has lost some followers, which is obvious. As of June 2022, her Instagram has around 443k followers.

How Did Ashley Lovelace Die? What Happened to Her?

The rising Instagram sensation, Ashley Lovelace died on January 21, 2019. She committed suicide, however, her family didn’t reveal how and why she took her life.

That being said, several online media and many of her fans speculated that constant cyberbullying led her to end her life, however, her family didn’t blame anyone for their beloved’s death.

There have not been many posts updated on her Instagram following her death, despite being operated by Lovelace’s mother. She was the one who updated Ashley’s fans about her death with a heartfelt post. “Angels got to heaven,” wrote the devastated mother alongside the post.

Later on, Ashley’s mother again shared a post on Instagram, which happens to be the last post, where she mentioned there was no one to be blamed for Ashley’s death. “Ashley’s death is a very sensitive matter. There is no blame on any of her peers at her school, her boyfriend, or her friends,” wrote Ash’s mother alongside a photo.

She continued,

“Ashley loved everyone even the ones that weren’t very nice to her. That’s who she was. We all her mourning. She is, was my true angel God has sent to me for 16 yrs. So please out of respect for Ashley. Let’s remember her for her beautiful smile and heart. Keep her legacy alive because that’s what she would have wanted. I know because she is my ❀️ and my baby daughter. Mommy loves you always ❀️”

Have a look at the photo.

Ashley Lovelace committed suicide in 2019
Ashley Lovelace committed suicide in 2019

However, fans didn’t agree with Ashley’s family’s decent statement and said the late Instagram star was frequently bullied which was the reason she killed herself. Meanwhile, they also called a particular bully to be responsible for her death.

Who was Responsible for Ashley Lovelace’s Death?

Ashley’s fans were quick to call out her constant bully Tyler EdmondsΒ aka @barbiidabully for his irresponsible actions. After many of her fans blamed Tyler for her death, Tyler admitted to being the culprit, however, he rather sound gleeful than remorseful.

Responding to the questions about why he bullied Ashley so much, Tyler said he did it because he was bored. Not only that he brazenly changed his Instagram bio to read:

“Yo roaches mad about Ashley get over it and yes I’m the reason why she was gone. I love to bully and can’t wait to bully more.”

Tyler continues to receive criticism for his deed, however, he doesn’t appear to be affected by any of that.

She Had a Boyfriend at the Time of Her Death

The fact that Ashley Lovelace had a boyfriend before her death became evident after her mother said she was happy with everything, including her boyfriend while announcing her death.

So who was her bf? Well, she was dating a fellow social media personality, Ryan Tran.

Sadly, they didn’t date for long as it had only been a couple of months since they started dating when Lovelace committed suicide. They looked so adorable together in some of the photos they shared on their socials.

Late social media star Ashley Lovelace and Ryan Tran
Late social media star Ashley Lovelace and Ryan Tran

Well, there ain’t much detail about Ryan on the internet, however, we know for sure that he belongs to an Asian ethnic background.

So sad, that this young love had to end this way. Who knows, maybe the pair was thinking about marrying but what’s done is done.