Truth About Freddie Highmore Girlfriend & Past Affairs: Untold Details

By Swap | Published on: March 6, 2024 | Updated on: March 6, 2024
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Freddie Highmore, born Alfred Thomas Highmore, is an accomplished English actor. He made his debut on the silver screen at the tender age of 7 with a comedy movie named Women talking Dirty in 1999.

In addition to being a fantastic actor on the screen, the love life and relationships of Freddie is also a prime discussion on media. Fans are always impatient to know the new girlfriend or the fresh news of Highmore’s dating life. And it is not surprising as the cute, talented, innocent-looking actor has been winning heart for a very long time.

So, in this article, we will discuss Freddie Highmore’s girlfriend and his love affairs. We will feed you with some exclusive details about his life. With no further delay, let’s jump right into the love life of The Good doctor.

Freddie Highmore Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Freddie Highmore is not dating anyone at the moment. In fact, there is no news of the 29-year-old actor having any girlfriend since the year 2018. The volatile teenage relationship with Dakota Fanning did not work out well and Freddie is still facing its consequences.

Although, he had a few romantic relationships in the past. We will discuss them in detail throughout the length of this article.

Relationship With Co-star And Ex-girlfriend Sarah Bolger

Freddie has always zipped his lips when it comes to his personal life. Despite having millions of followers, he rarely posts any pictures of himself on his social media accounts. The information about his love life and relationships is out of the question. However, we have excavated these details about his past relationships for this segment.

The women talking dirty star dated his costar, Sarah Bolger, in the year 2008. The pair were working together on the film The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) in the roles of brother and sister duo. And, during the shooting, they fell for each other, and we can clearly see the natural connection between them in the film itself.

Did Freddie’s Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Bolger molest Him?

Though the couple had kept their relationship under wraps for quite a long time until a photo of them kissing each other found its way into the internet. It was instant viral; they were tall of the town for many weeks. And there were mixed opinions about their relationships.

Fans were absolutely in love with the couple whereas some accused Sarah of molesting Freddie as he was just 15 years old at the time. Although it’s safe to say it was a consensual relationship and we can always refuse attention to such outrageous comments. Sarah definitely did not molest Freddie.

Freddie Highmore kissing his ex-girlfriend Sarah Lee Bolger.
Freddie Highmore kissing his ex-girlfriend Sarah Lee Bolger.

The English actor broke up with his then-girlfriend Sarah the same year in 2008 after their film came out. The reason behind the breakup never came to light.

Did Freddie Highmore Date Dakota Fanning?

Yes, we are 100 percent sure Freddie Highmore dated Dakota Fanning. In 2009, the beautiful couple was spotted having a dinner date in a Californian hotel. Both the artists rose to fame from a very young age and they had a lot in common with each other.

Freddie Highmore on a dinner date with Dakota Fanning.
Freddie Highmore on a dinner date with ex-girlfriend Dakota Fanning.

Yet, despite all the common traits and loving relationship, the couple called it quits in the same year 2009. They were both teens, and the relationship did not work out. It really scarred Freddie Highmore, and he has not officially been in a relationship with anyone after this incident. However, there were few rumors about English actor’s love life now and then.

Freddie Did Not Date Emma Roberts

There were rumors of Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore being in a relationship couple of years ago. The pair co-starred in the film “The Art Of Getting By” in 2011 and fans started asking questions.

The scenes in the film and the chemistry between Emma and Freddie were absolutely captivating. It really felt and looked like love. But, to our dismay, Emma cleared up the doubt in the interview saying, We are just really good friends and just connect well together.

Did Freddie Highmore Date Abigail Breslin?

In 2016, Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin and The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star made headlines regarding their rumored relationship. The pair never commented on those rumors. Not only this but they were never seen together.

There are no photographs of them together in public. It is not clear how the rumors started, but it was definitely a false alarm. The couple never dated each other.

In fact, Abigail was in a relationship with a man named Ira Kenyansky in 2017. Her Instagram was full of pictures of them together. The Bates Motel star however has deleted all the pictures from his official Instagram.

Freddie Highmore: Family & Early Life

Freddie Highmore was born on February 14, 1992, in Camden Town, London, United Kingdom. He was born into a family where most members worked in the media industry.

His mother, Sue Latimer, is a notable talent agent who brought exceptional talent like Daniel Radcliffe into the limelight. And his father is a renowned English actor named Edward Highmore. The family environment surely helped him step up in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, his younger brother Bertie Highmore has decided to live a life away from the silver screen.

Freddie is 29 years old as of now. He is very sound academically and has even earned a scholarship to attend Highgate High School, London. Moreover, he graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 2014 with a double first (British undergraduate degree classification) in Spanish and Arabic.

Freddie Highmore when he was young.
Freddie Highmore when he was young.

His birth sign is Aquarius, which is defined by charm, romanticism, and impulsiveness. Surely, our 29-year-old actor lives up to his star sign’s name.