Julianne Hough’s Sister Sharee Hough: Untold Facts About Her

By Ray | Published on: March 7, 2024 | Updated on: March 7, 2024
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Sharee Hough is the oldest sister of widely popular dancers, Derek Hough and Julianne Hough.  Sharee also became part of the media ever since her two younger siblings became popular for their dancing knack.

So, what does Sharee do? She is not a dancer like her siblings, however, she is doing great in her profession. Besides, she is a happily married woman with children.

In today’s episode, we are exploring some interesting facts surrounding her life, including her relationship with her siblings.

Sharee Hough Early Life, Parents and Their Relationships

Sharee was born Sharee Rene Hough in Utah on July 22, 1977. She is the first child between Mariann and Bruce Hough. Her father is actively involved in politics who is a prominent member of the Utah Republican Party. Apparently, he has served as the chairman of the party twice.

Meanwhile, her parents are separated for a long time now. As per records, Sharee was in her late teens when her parents decided to part ways. Following their divorce, Sharee along with her siblings relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999. There, they lived with their mom and her now-husband Aaron Nelson.

On the other part, Sharee’s father Bruce also remarried after his divorce. He is married to Debra Hough. Sharee and her siblings are close with both their step-dad and step-mom.

Sharee grew up in her hometown in Utah where she also completed her formal education.

She is the Oldest of Five Hough Siblings

Sharee has four siblings, Julianne Hough, Katherine Hough, Marabeth Hough, and Derek Hough. Marabeth was born as the second child of the family on November 26, 1980. Similarly, Katherine Hough was born on June 9, 1983, followed by her only brother Derek on May 17, 1985. The youngest of the Hough brood, Julianne was born on July 20, 1988.

Their parents were on good terms even after their divorce and they were the ones who sent Derek and Julianne to England to learn dancing. The brother-sister duo has done well in dancing and their parents and siblings can’t be prouder.

Sharee with her three sisters
Sharee with her three sisters

As we can see on their socials, all five Hough siblings are incredibly close to each other and get along really well. They often get together for big events and festivals.

Besides, Sharee also has four step-siblings who became part of their family after her mother Mariann married financial consultant Aaron.

Is a One Time Divorcee – Is Happily Married to Second Husband

At present, Sharee is happily married to her second spouse, Mark Selman. The couple has been married since 2018, however, the exact date of their marriage is not known. They exchanged vows in front of their close friends and family. Meanwhile, Sharee and Mark had been engaged for just a few months before (February 2018) they walked down the aisle.

The husband-and-wife seem quite happy together. Going through their social media, we can see a lot of their happy pictures. They share each other’s photos on anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions.

Sharee Hough is a doting mother of six kids
Sharee Hough is a doting mother of six kids

The duo doesn’t have kids of their own, however, they have eight children in total from their previous relationships.

Before Mark, Sharee was married to her first husband Randall Wise. Not much about her married life with her first hubby is known, however, we know she shares six children with him. Her kids with Randall are Willow, Skye, Star, Paris, Bronson, and Quaid.

Similarly, Mark also has three kids, Kenzie, Lexe, and Colby.

Sharee is a Fitness Expert

Sharee is not known for her profession, but she is a great fitness trainer. She motivates her fans to maintain physical and mental fitness through her socials. She currently lives in Nashville and focuses on the users of the particular area.

Besides being a fitness instructor, Sharee is also into the real estate business, however, she doesn’t pursue it full time.

Her Siblings are Award-winning Dancers

Sharee’s siblings Julianne and Derek are widely known dancers. They have famously appeared in the dance reality show, Dancing with the Stars. Both Derek and Julianne have won the show multiple times. Where Julianne has won the competition two times, her older brother has been declared champion six times.

Julianne and Derek Hough
Julianne and Derek Hough

Besides being part of one of the most known dancing reality series, Julianne and Derek have also become part of a few movies as well.