Interesting Facts of Lillie Carlson, Tucker Carlson’s Oldest Daughter

By Ray | Published on: February 27, 2024 | Updated on: February 27, 2024
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Lillie Carlson is the American star kid, famously known as the oldest daughter of famous television host and political commentator, Tucker Carlson and his wife of years, Susan Andrews. Lillie has been a part of the media ever since her birth due to her father’s immense popularity. Even though she doesn’t indulge in being in the limelight, she can’t avoid it completely.

Besides, Lillie’s parents, Tucker and Susan do respect their children’s privacy and they rarely share the lifestyle of their children on media. The Carlson duo raised Lillie and their other children in a loving environment.

In today’s episode, we are talking in detail about Lillie Carlson’s early life, relationship with siblings and parents, career, and more. Stay with us till the end.

Lillie Carlson is the First Born Child of Political Commentator Tucker Carlson

Lillie was born as the first daughter of TV host Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews in 1995 in Virginia, United States. Carlson is an American by nationality and belongs to a mixed ancestral heritage. She has English, German, and Swish-Italian lineage.

Her paternal grandfather is Dick Carlson who was put up for adoption by his parents, Carlson’s great-grandparents, Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson. And then Dick was adopted by Carl and Mainer Florence Carlson, an upper-middle-class couple. Her dad Tucker grew up with Carl after his adoptive parents divorced.

Lillie is the Older of Four Siblings – Who are Her Sisters?

Carlson has three younger siblings; one brother and two little sisters. Her sisters are Hopie Carlson and Dorothy Carlson while Carlson’s brother is Buckley Carlson. The four siblings don’t have a big age difference, so they had fun-filled childhood memories with one another.

Lillie Carlson and her three sibings
Lillie with her three younger siblings

The Carlson siblings still hang out together frequently which shows the bond they share with each other. We can see them enjoying their free time together in several different places across the US in Carlson’s Facebook posts.

Lillie’s brother, Buckley currently works as a Capitol Hill Staff in Washington D.C. But, her two sisters’ career engagement is not clear as of yet.


Despite being the daughter of one of the most well-known political commentators in the US, Lillie Carlson has been super private about her lifestyle. Besides, she doesn’t share anything about her childhood days and her parents have also helped her maintain her privacy.

In the meantime, we do have found some info about Lillie Carlson’s educational background. The firstborn child of Tucker Carlson completed high school in Washington D.C.

Besides, her younger sister, Hopie Carlson attends college at the University of Virginia.

Lillie Carlson Career – What Is She Up To These Days?

Being a daughter of a media personality, Lillie had a good plus point in the media field had she opted to follow in her father’s footsteps. However, Lillie showed no interest in the glamor field whatsoever. Well, she doesn’t indulge in making media appearances. Although she isn’t active in the media industry, Lillie is working for sure.

Besides, she is a presence on social media, however, she rarely shares anything about her professional life. She does have a Facebook profile, however, the last time she made a post there was way back in 2018.

Her Parents, Tucker and Susan Are Married for Three Decades

Lillie’s parents, Tucker Carlson and Susan Thompson Carlson have been married for around thirty years. The adorable husband-and-wife first met at St. George’s School, a boarding school in Rhode Island. Susan was the daughter of the headmaster of the school.

After a brief courtship, Tucker and Susan got married on August 10, 1991. Interestingly, the lovebirds exchanged vows in the school chapel.

Lillie Carlson's parents Tucker Carson and Susan
Lillie Carlson’s parents Tucker Carson and Susan are married for three decades

In their married life which has lasted more than 30 years and counting, Tucker and Susan have become parents of four children. They have certainly faced some ups and downs as a married couple, however, they have always found a way out.

Is Lillie Carlson Dating Anyone in 2022? Who is Her Boyfriend?

As we mentioned previously, Lillie is super private when it comes to her personal life. Besides, no one from her family members has ever talked about Lillie’s love life publicly. She is 27 years old as of 2022, so we can safely say that she has been in a couple of relationships. She might be dating a boyfriend at present, however, the information is kept a secret.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Lillie’s boyfriend and relationships, her father Tucker Carlson is pretty strict. Well, Tucker, being a paleoconservative doesn’t want Lillie and his other two daughters to date a specific kind of guy. But, what sort of guy is it?

Lillie Carlson doesn't love to make her media presence
Lillie Carlson doesn’t love to make her media presence

Well, Tucker talked about his condition during one of his shows back in 2019. There he said that he would never let his daughters date feminists. He thinks feminists “are creeps.” In the show, Tucker put his view by asking guest Stephen LeDrew a rhetorical question, “Would you let your daughter date some guy who called himself a feminist? No, ’cause he’s a creep! By definition!

What is Lillie Carlson’s Net Worth? Had a Lavish Upbringing

As Carlson has been secretive about her professional endeavors, we are unable to estimate her net worth at present. However, she belongs to a well-to-do family as her father is a wealthy man who has earned well from his career in journalism.

As of 2022, Tucker has a staggering net worth of $30 million. Well, Tucker has worked with a number of renowned media agencies. Tucker’s association with CNN, PBS, and most recently with FOX took him to the acme of popularity and earned him a good sum of money as well.

Talking about his real estate, he has invested quite a lot. Tucker previously owned a beautiful house in the Kent Neighbourhood of Washington D.C. He later sold the property in 2011 for $4 million. Subsequently, he bought a house in the same locality for $2 million.

Most recently, in 2020, Tucker splurged $2.9 million for a beautiful house on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

With a good income and the prestige he earned from his career, we can say Carlson and his wife, Susan raised their four kids in a loving and lavish environment.