Dagen McDowell’s Husband, Jonas Max Ferris? His Married Life, Career, & More

By Amit | Published on: March 6, 2024 | Updated on: March 6, 2024
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Jonas Max Ferris is the husband of Fox Business Network, Dagen McDowell who has been a formidable face and a person one could encounter in the reporting world. Active since the early 2000s, Jonas’ wife is known for her bold and ferocious opinions against some famous political and media icons.

The former Cashin’ In host’s career has come a long way since joining FOX in 2001. She met her life partner, Jonas in her workplace and has pretty much seen and spoken about all that the world has endured since the beginning of the 21st century.

But where does the duo’s relationship stand as of current? Who exactly is Jonas Max Ferris? Does he have a story of his own? And is he still enjoying his married life with Dagen McDowell?

Who Is Jonas Max Ferris?

Born in Southfield, Massachusetts on September 13, 1971, Ferris is an economic analyst and an investment advisor. The anti-bubble crusader gained ground in 2002 after appearing in the Fox Business Network show, Cashin’ In.

He has also served as an insider for Bulls and Bears, Cavuto on Business, Your World With Neil Cavuto. Ferris graduated from Manhattanville College in 1993 and later went to the University of Georgia Business School. He gives his ideas on financial investment and advice columns for New York Post, Fox News, and Fox Business News.

Jonas Ferris
Jonas Ferris joined FOX in 2001 appearing alongside his future wife, Dagen McDowell. Source: Youtube

Additionally, he edits at the Max Funds and provides finance-related services to different kinds of customers. In the past, he had served as the producer of shows like If The Trees Could Talk, Bulls and Bears, and Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.

Although he is into finance since the beginning of his career, his parents, on the contrary, were both artists. Ferris as of recent has been giving financial guidance through his Youtube channel, Scam and Bibble Watch by Jonas Ferris.

Are Jonas Ferris And Dagen McDowell Still Married?  

Jonas Ferris met Dagen McDowell in 2001 through the show Cashin’In. In an interview with FOX’s channel finder in 2011, Ferris recalled the time when they were handpicked by the studio to argue on a given topic. The husband at the time mentioned the pair were selected because of their argumentative nature.

Dagen McDowell
Dagen McDowell and Jonas Ferris were last pictured together in January 2016. Source: Instagram

The couple married in 2005. McDowell was already married when she first encountered the panelist. The future husband and wife primarily used to debate over mutual funds, best foreign policy, and such.

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While the duo has narrated some details apropos of their early romance, their current marital stands have become a bit of a riddle. The reporters have hardly appeared by each other’s side in recent times. This has led many of their fans to wonder if they are still together. Ferris was last spotted with Dagen in January 2016 on her Insta Handle. The Outnumbered host displays a rather expressive lifestyle over her socials. Though, she has mostly remained mum about her husband’s whereabouts in those doings.

Jonas Ferris’ Net Worth

Ferris’ job entails digging around the brutal specifics of finance, economic model, and market predictability. Given that there’s an irony to the fact that his own fortune is a mystery yet to unravel. While there are claims, saying the analyst’s fortune is so and so, yet with little to no credence.

Nonetheless, given his experience and the network he’s been working with, it should be fair to say he certainly comes under the list of well-paid financial advisors. One could argue his career earnings have reached over millions having worked for some reputed news industry.