Amy Lawrence: Everything You Need To Know About After Hours Host

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Amy Lawrence, born Amy Christabel Lawrence, is a pioneer American sports radio and Television Host. She has proved herself worthy in a mean-dominated field and even surpassed many male contemporaries. Amy has made a name for herself by conquering the field full of men with her stellar voice. Because of her splendid professionalism, Amy is a source of inspiration for women around the globe.

Amy currently hosts CBS Sports Radio’s late-night program called “After Hours with Amy Lawrence”. Her show airs every weekday from 2:00-6:00 AM ET across the whole of the United States of America. Before this weekly show, Amy worked on weekend shows on CBS Sports Radio and various other programs throughout the radio network. Lawrence has many records under her belt as a female Sports show host which we will discuss throughout the length of this article.

Over the career spanning an entire decade and more, Amy has covered NFL, NBA, MLB, and many other sporting events. She is an experienced commentator and in-depth in-game field analysis, expert. In this article, we will explore the life of Amy Lawrence, covering her birth to education her professional career to her present-day scenario.

Who is Amy Lawrence?

Amy Lawrence is an experienced sportscaster, commentator, and sports radio host. She was born on April 7, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. However, she grew up in Concord, New Hampshire, in the United States of America with her brother Emilton Lawrence.

She is the daughter of Blossom Lawrence (mother) and Michael Lawrence (father). Her parents were of Italian and Polish backgrounds. And we can thank them for her amazing genes, due to which Amy is really beautiful. Amy is very proud of the people who raised her, especially her grandmother and mother. She often cites them as her role models in life.

Amy Lawrence.
Amy was brought up in LA.

Amy Lawrence is now 49 years old, and she weighs 73 kg. The color of her eye is blue and her hair color is blond.

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her astrological sign is Aries whose key element is fire. People with the Aries signs are passionate and confident leads who build their community with a cheerful disposition. Well, it certainly aligns with the traits of our lovely Amy.

Amy’s father died when she was young

At a very young age, her dad passed away. With an absent father, Amy leaned toward God. She is a devout Christian and often praises the Lord in her interviews. So, in one of her interviews, she even said God is her father and she lives for Jesus first.

“Everything a dad is supposed to be for his daughter,” Lawrence said, “God the father became that to me because I did not have it in an earthly form.”

Amy Lawrence education and early career

Amy completed her high school education in New Jersey. Lawrence graduated from Messiah College with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and accounting. She moved to New York City to pursue her Master’s. She completed Master’s in television and radio from Syracuse University.

Amy was very fond of basketball since her childhood. As cable TV was not available in her home, she got into radio commentaries. Amy is a big fan of Larry Bird and she used to follow matches of her favorite team, the Boston Celtics. She later got into baseball and started following the Red Sox.

Johnny Most, the first female to broadcast on the radio for the Celtics, was her idol. Amy was really interested in play-by-play commentary and thought of radio broadcasting as storytelling.

Eventually, she started on her own by doing play-by-play commentaries on the Women’s basketball games from the stands and recording them in her tape recorder. Shortly after, she covered the play-by-play commentary for the New Hampshire-based Lebanon High school Boy’s Basketball team. They featured Amy in Boston Globe as “the only female in the state doing play-by-play” when the team got into the state championship game.

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After that, Amy worked for an Oklahoma-based Radio station as “News & Sports Director”. There she covered high school games and American Legion Baseball.

In Oklahoma City, Amy covered the play-by-play commentary in softball games for the University of Oklahoma at the Women’s college world series.

Amy also covered games on radio and television for the University of Rhode Island.

Her Big break

In 2008, Amy got hired by the University of Hartford to do play-by-play commentary for their Women’s Basketball team, The Hawks.

She also got the chance to work for the radio network. Amy covered the play-by-play commentary for Westwood One’s coverage of the Big East Women’s Championship.

Later on, Amy covered the Women’s NCAA regional finals in Oklahoma City Sunday Night. After the coverage, she would work for various local radio stations.

In 2015, Talkers Magazine honored Amy Lawrence as ”The 100 Most Important Sports Talk Radio Host In America.” Amy was the only female on the list.

Career in ESPN Radio and CBS After Hours

Amy joined ESPN Radio in 2004. Lawrence worked with ESPN Radio for nine years as a regular female host. While she was working on ESPN Radio, they recognized Amy as the first female in Oklahoma history to pilot a sports radio talk show.

Amy Lawrence hosting a basketball game.
Amy Lawrence hosting a basketball game.

In 2013, Amy joined the CBS radio network. Amy hosts the famous live program called “After Hours with Amy Lawrence” every weekday from 2:00-6:00AM ET across America. The show features phone calls of audiences, humorous commentary by Amy filled with witty references to popular culture, and keen analysis of sports.

Her podcast is available on the website of CBS Sports Radio.

Amy Lawrence In WFAN

Currently, WFAN also broadcasts her show “After Hours with Amy Lawrence”.

Amy Lawrence’s Personal Life, Relationships and Marriages

Amy is very private about her personal life. She actively keeps her personal stuff away from social media as much as possible. However, Amy dropped the name of her beau in one of her interviews.

Reportedly, Amy is in a hearty relationship with Nickol Clinton. We do not know any details regarding the mysterious Nickol Clinton. But it’s all right as long as they are happy together.

Is Amy Lawrence active on any social media?

Amy Lawrence is active on Twitter and Facebook. The name of her Twitter handle is “ALawRadio”. It will soon surpass 50k followers.

Her job requires her to maintain a certain online presence. Lawrence once shared a picture of her Grandmother Helen on her Twitter handle.

Amy Lawrence with her Grandmother Helen.
Amy Lawrence with her Grandmother Helen.

Lawrence also uses a YouTube channel named, After Hours with Amy Lawrence, which is full of her commentaries and few personal interviews.

Amy has her own blog

Amy has her own blog named “Play By Play Day By Day”. She started posting on the blog in 2012. We can get a rare glimpse into her life and thought process via her blog.

Amy Lawrence Net Worth

Amy Lawrence has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her salary is around $100k annually from her relation to ESPN and CBS.

Plus, she is very reasonable with her money and does not waste it unnecessarily.