All You Need To Know About Oscar Kightley: His Wife, Baby, Movies

By Aaron Hernandez | Published on: March 16, 2024 | Updated on: March 16, 2024
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  • Oscar Kightley was born on September 14, 1969, in Apia, Samoa.
  • He is the son of father Isa’ako Mase and mother, Faiupu Tenari.
  • The actor moved to New Zealand at the age of four.
  • He has no siblings.
  • Was once engaged to the actress Teuila Blakely.

If you’ve seen the cult comedy movie, Sione’s Wedding then surely you’ve heard of Oscar. The New Zealand-Samoan actor Oscar Kightley gained worldwide fame after starring and co-writing the movie. He is 53 years old and it looks like his relationship status is single.

Fans are always curious about Oscar Knightley’s wife but he is yet to marry. A few years back he almost walked down the aisle but the relationship broke down.

This article finds out all the intricate details about Oscar including his parents, ex-girlfriend, movies, and more.

Oscar Kightley moved to NZ after his father died: His aunt adopted him

We all know him as Oscar Kightley but his real birth name is Vai To’elau Osa Isa’ako Mase. He was born in a village called Faleatiu, around two villages away from the airport. Oscar is a distant relative of a veteran boxer, David Tua.

At a young age, he moved to Te Atatū, Auckland at the age of 4 after his father passed away. At the time, his aunt, Mele, and her husband decided to adopt him.

Oscar Kightley As a Kid With His Mother
Oscar Kightley As a Kid With His Mother

Growing up, he attended a local school in Te Atatu. House rules were quite strict. His aunt had made it clear to not speak Samoan at the house just so he can work on his English.

Although this practice implemented by his Aunt helped him feel less of an alien in NZ, his Samoan vocabulary lagged far behind. Even so, he still understands basic Samoans and often visits his native country.

Oscar Kightley Education

Oscar started going to school after he turned 6 and went to Matipo Primary School. It was during this time that he had difficulties settling into the new environment. It was a challenge for him as everything was different than what he’d seen in his village.

But everything changed during his time in primary school when he came across the empathetic teacher whom he still calls Mrs. B (Thelma Butterworth). Mrs. B was the only one who understood his problem and took care of him.

He once said, “Her kindness, understanding, and patience, transformed my experience in New Zealand, and finally got me to calm down enough to enjoy life here.”

In addition, she was the one who inspired Oscar to be a writer, and look where he is today.

Nevertheless, after completing primary school, for his higher education, he attended the Rutherford High Secondary School, Te Atatu.

Does Oscar Kightley have a wife? His Love Life

There are a lot of rumors that Oscar is married to a wife and there is some credible proof as well. For instance, when Oscar surprised his primary teacher, Mrs. B in 2016, according to him, his sister-in-law assisted him in tracking her down. Now we all know that in-laws only come into the picture when a person is in a marital bond.

Nonetheless, Oscar is so-secretive about his personal life. It seems he is single at the moment. But we all know how celebrities are. Regardless, the man looks happy with his life be it with a secret wife or not. He likes to keep it on the down low because of which you will find him enjoying his own company.

Oscar is an avid traveler. So far, he has been to the majority of the continents of the world. Moreover, he doesn’t just travel around but he also enjoys a chilled beer.

Oscar was engaged to be married to an actress Teuila Blakely

Several years ago, Oscar was engaged to the beautiful actress, Teuila Blakely. The couple was an item back in the early 2000s. After dating for some time, Oscar proposed to Teuila and subsequently, they got engaged.

However, sometime later, Oscar fell in love with someone else and the duo called off their wedding. We’re guessing the other person he fell in love with is most definitely his wife.

Oscar Kightley Was Engaged To Ex-Fiance Teuila Blakely
Oscar Kightley Was Engaged To Ex-Fiance Teuila Blakely In The Past

Even so, the duo is still great friends. One thing to notice is that right after they went their separate days, Oscar co-wrote, Sione’s Wedding in which Teuila also starred.

Talking about how awkward it was for her to work together with Oscar, she stated,

“For those six weeks, we’re not even going to think about what’s gone on. We’re going to go into this film, we’re going to enjoy it, we’re going to work together, for all our friends, and everyone involved. And during that six week . . . truce? . . . I realised this man is my friend. I still love him as my friend.”

To this day, the former flames remain great friends.

Oscar Kightley Movies and Other Works

Initially, the 52-year-old Oscar started writing small plays for the theatre. He used to write about the Samoan Experience and New Zealand. After gaining success, he along with a few of his friends formed the theatre company, Pacific Underground Theatre.

Right then, Oscar and his friend Small, wrote Fresh off the Boat, a play that went on to win Media Peace Award in 2005. Several plays later, he started writing for movies and transitioned toward acting as well.

So far, he worked in Siona’s Wedding, Siona’s 2: Unfinished Business, Hunt for Wilderpeople, and famously Moana.

Furthermore, for his decades of service to television and theatre, he was also appointed as one of the members of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Oscar Net Worth

The writer cum actor is active in the industry since the 90s. So far, he has been involved in several hit plays and movies. This goes on to show that he is revered as one of the famed actors in New Zealand.

As of now, his net worth is US $1 million. He has accumulated such staggering wealth for his years and years of dedication. From his fortune, he also bought a house with his ex-fiance and now friend Teuila as an investment.