All about Ziggy Marley’ Daughter Zuri Marley: Parents, Boyfriend, Mother, Siblings

By Aaron Hernandez | Published on: March 14, 2024 | Updated on: March 14, 2024
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Zuri Marley is famous as one of the members of the legendary Marley family. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, she is also following on the path of her grandfather Bob Marley and father, Ziggy.

Yes, the beautiful youngster has already released a few singles and might come up with an album soon. Besides, there are many aspects of her life that many of you might not know.

For instance, do you know Zuri’s mom? how many siblings does she have? Does she have a boyfriend? To know all about Zuri scroll down below!

Meet Ziggy Marley’ daughter Zuri Marley: An insight

Zuri was born on October 28, 1995, in Kingston. Jamaica. She is the daughter of Miami’s reggae icon Ziggy and his girlfriend from several years ago, Carleena Samuels.

Zuri has Jamaican nationality and belongs to the Jamaican ethnicity. As for her race, she is a Jamaican-African.

Apart from her famous parents, she also has world-renowned grandparents. She is one of the dozens of Bob Marley‘s grandchildren.

About Zuri’s Mom and Dad Relationship

Her parents, Ziggy and Carleena dated back in the 90s. At the time, Ziggy was a member of the group Melody Makers. Meanwhile, Carleena was trying her hands in music post-production.


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From their short-term fling, the pair welcomed their one and only child, Zuri. They dated for a few years after Zuri came into this world. The former flames even worked together in the 2001 movie, Life and Debt.

In the hit documentary, Ziggy performed the song G-7 together with his band, Melody Makers. On the other hand, Carleena was the on-screen researcher and post-production assistant.

Despite separating, Ziggy and Carleena took wonderful care of their little girl. This is why Zuri always appreciates both her mom and dad whenever she is giving interviews.

Zuri has no biological but only step-siblings

She is the only child between Ziggy and Carleena. She doesn’t have any biological sister or brother, however, she has six siblings.

From Ziggy’s relationship with Lorraine Bogle, she has one step-brother Bambaata, born 1989, and sister Justice, born 1991. In addition, Zuri has one brother Daniel Marley from her dad’s marriage with Orly Marley.

Apart from the above, Zuri has three more step-siblings, Judah Victoria Marley, Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta Marley, and Gideon Robert Nesta Marley.

Zuri has numerous cousins as well and one of them is John Nesta Marley and Zion David Marley.

Zuri Marley studied at the New York University

Upon completing her high school in 2013, she moved to New York and enrolled at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. She graduated from college in 2017 and majored in music.

During her middle school, Zuri told New York Post about how she used to be bullied. She mentioned that her peers used to tease her as she was the granddaughter of the great Bob Marley. But she never let it get into her head.

She said, “They would look at me and think, ‘She’s a Marley — she thinks she’s this and she thinks she’s that.’ But I don’t let it bother me. As they say in Jamaica, ‘Me no business!’”

Zuri never smoked weed with her mates

Whenever we talk or reminisce about the great Bob Marley, many of us think about his lifestyle. In every corner of New York, you’ll find a guy wearing a loose T-shirt as he celebrates the singer’s life. (IYKWIM)

During her time in NYU, not many people knew Zuri is related to the late reggae icon Bob. But when they do, they often ask her to smoke with them, just so they can brag about having a puff with Bob’s grandkid.

Nevertheless, Zuri doesn’t even smoke, to begin with. She tells NY Post, “I remember there was one guy [during] freshman year who constantly asked me to smoke with him. I think it was just so he could say he smoked with Bob Marley’s granddaughter. He thought I would be a stoner — but I don’t really smoke!”

She also added in the same interview how “Bob was actually about being very healthy.” When he was alive, he didn’t just smoke marijuana all day, instead, he used to get up in the morning, run on the beach, and used to eat Irish moss first thing in the morning.

Zuri has embarked on a music career

Since her early days, Zuri has always wanted to be a singer. Her father and mother’s careers somehow contribute to her passion for music. In an interview with I-D.Vice, once talked about her inspiration and stated, “I really attribute a lot of my musical influences to my mom. She’s the one who put me on to artists like Tracey Chapman and Gwen Stefani and she’s the biggest Kanye fan!”

So far, Zuri has a number of singles on her belt including “Love Ya.” The hit single was the part of NY-based singer Dev Hynes’ critically acclaimed album “Freetown Sound.”

For the past couple of years, she has been working with numerous producers and finding out what type of music she should do in the long run.

Zuri Marley JOBA: They once dated

Around 2018, rumors started flowing in that Zuri is dating The Brockhampton member Joba. Rumors started after she shared lots of photos with the singer on her Instagram.

Zuri once reportedly dated singer JOBA
Zuri once reportedly dated singer JOBA

Many photos of the two circulated all over the internet which further solidified their affair. Be that as it may, they soon broke up and as of 2021, Zuri is single.

How much is Zuri Marley Net Worth?

She is an up-and-coming singer so it is imperative her net worth will see a rise in the future. At the moment, her total fortune is under review.

Her father Ziggy has a total net worth of $10 million.